Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tom Carter Warlord of Guitars

I've got quite a few album-oriented posts with a bunch of embedded videos, but nothing to say... So here.

Tom Carter rocked with The Mike Gunn (#5, 1993), then settled down folky with Charalambides (#5, 1996).

New album, All Ahead Now (2011), sounds like it's back to some rockin' out again. Root Strata calls it "metallic raga," and you can download Side A (or part) from their site.

Tom Carter Apex (???), posted in 2010 (???)

Solo, live, electric, radical!!

"Go Dig My Grave (Railroad Boy)" From the Great American Songbook (2008)

More folkishness, avant/free Americana, weirdo-beardo... From the Great American Songbook (#8, 2008), with Christian Kiefer.

And one my most early motion-based videos from the same album - I've always been real happy with this one:

"Camptown Races" From the Great American Songbook (2008)

Free Press Summer Fest this weekend, so further posting unlikely maybe...

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