Saturday, April 10, 2010

Texas-Based Lawyer-cum-Beatmaker

From Disquiet, we learn of Diego Bernal. A civil rights attorney in San Antonio, he gives away his records pro bono. Described as "like some secret side-project team-up between Ennio Morricone and DJ Premiere," you can download or preview new release "Besides..." (2010). Not sure whether they fit the whole album on, but a 7" vinyl pressing goes for a cool sawbuck ($5)!

For Corners
The previous album, For Corners (also free) was ranked as Disquiet's #1 Net Release of 2009, for fans of "reconstituted disco and cop-show braggadocio." There's even a (free) January EP/single preview, Bring It On Home (2009), featuring a Mexicans With Guns remix B-side. I like the covers too. Here's Diego's Myspace.

Bring It On Home

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