Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pongliveinhouston, yeah!!

Both the Pong shows were really, really good! The Cactus in-store had the boogie chillun dancin', sound was tight, and the Super Happy Fun Land show was on fire.

This is really just an excuse to post the SHFL setlist, courtesy of swiping by Cookie. Because of the unnecessary opening acts (3!!), and the very, very, very late headliner start (1:30am!!), a few of the songs got dropped. Thankfully not "Click OK(ay)" though, due to crowd reaction from the on-stage decision-making.

SHFL 4/2/2010
I'm assuming "Fish Sauce" was the new song broken out at the end of the in-store. I thought they were singing "Fleshmop," which would only make sense as an unlikely tribute to Jay Maulsby's old band o' locals. Really, I thought it was possibly a Devo cover - pretty coool! Seriously awesome servings of the good stuff...

[Edit 4/9]: I never once saw this flyer, but I figured I should put it up here. Especially since I'm falling down on more recently posting.

Pong Fiskadoro
The official 4-city tour poster looked something more like this:

Pong Tour poster

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