Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Mystery that is Nick Bensen

We're on to Number Nine in this series of artist profiles through each track on last year's terrific For Lee Jackson in Space benefit comp (#4 Compilation, 2012)...

And this will be a short one, as Nick Bensen is an internet Man of Mystery.

First off, everything wants to suggest "Nick Benson" (which might have actually been more fruitful). Looks like his home label (Free City Media) has closed up its cyber-presence. Not even any full-size album-cover images. Finding any other examples of music online was an exercise in frustration, so here's the one that we definitely know of:

O yeah, this is with the aptly-named "Too Many Guitars" - unless that's just an apt description of what he's on about. Either way, pretty outrageous & overblown... but I can dig it!

Looks like that track was originally copyrighted 2005, which might be a clue.

I did find some record reviews and an interview. Not an interview of Nick Bensen (no way), but an interview by Nick Bensen - of our very own The Dunlavy aka Scott Grimm.

I might have to pick up his 2 CD's just to put something on YouTube or Soundcloud or something... this is terrible! You can preview a little bit of a few tracks there at CDbaby.

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