Monday, February 4, 2013

The Circassian Coast

Not actually from actual Circassia - that's just kinda the band name: Circassian... from Athens (Greece this time).

Man... now I wanna learn more about Acid Barrets!

"Sally" ***NSFW*** CGI video - by Circassian, from the Procrastinational EP (2012)

Recent EP free / name-your-price at Bandcamp, along with a previous self-titled EP too.

There's streaming and a couple of downloads over on their Soundcloud page, and a couple of different tunes at MySpace.

Wait, where did I hear about these guys? Okay, found it - on Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy's A Guide to Psychedelic Music of 2012. Where they said:
Spinalonga Records helped this EP come to fruition, but what really needs to happen, is for these Athenian rockers to get signed for real and get an album's worth of material to the ears of the masses. The 3 songs on "Procrastinational" (as well as the stuff from last year's Self-Titled) are each smashing in their own right, and show the immense potential for the band's future pursuits. They call their music torture and their influences "psuedocultured" - but spending any amount of time with them suggests that they are the real deal.

Interesting guide/list/post on the blog... check it out!

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