Monday, June 24, 2013

Gimme Ed Hall Night Long

Guess who's coming to Houston... Ed Hall: #2, 1993 & #2, 1990 & #10, 1988 & general all-time favorite!!

O yeah, good ol' Rudyard's on 7/19! The next night - at Austin's Delta Lumber & Millworks - also features Brown Whörnet and Gorch Fock... plus Pocket FishRmen, Tim Kerr's "Freedom" piece, MIGAS, and more.

"Hearty Tom Foolery" Ed Hall - live 2012

Most recently, there was the #2 Live Show of 2012. It was a retro label showcase, playing classics such as "White House Girls," "Blue Poland," "Reading," "Pollution," and even "Gilbert." Killer.

Can't wait for the DVD of the show! (They also played a couple of shows in Louisiana afterwards, but I can't find any evidence...)

"Bullshit" Ed Hall - live 2003

Further back were the previous reunion gigs, one of which I actually made it to. These were 2 nights back 10 years ago, at the dearly departed Room 710 in Austin. Check out "White House Girls" (again), and "Reading" (again!)...

Can't wait for the DVD of the shows!!

Live in L.A. - 1993

Hey, I'm gonna pick just some live videos for each year I can find...

1996: Austin Music Awards
1995: Missoula, MT (multi-part document!)
1994: Harvey's (Houston)
1993: [embedded above]
1992: Norman, OK (several chapters!)
1991: lost in the mists of legendry...

Ed Hall part 2 from ggeisler on Vimeo.

1990 (?): Mexic-Arte (Austin) on Halloween
1989 (?): Main St. Saloon (Lubbock)
1988 & back: even more legendary...

So awesome... Be there. RAWK!

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