Monday, May 31, 2010

Linus Pauling splits with ST37

Well, due to freaky early work-related business, I had to miss the big ST37 - Linus Pauling Quartet (#3, 2007) show on Saturday. But since it was just down the block, I dropped in and picked up some merch.

"Monster" side by Linus Pauling Quartet
"Lactating Purple" side by ST37

Sure, the new split 7" (more release partying!) - but also a great new Cthulhu shirt, a replacement copy for my lost cd of the debut Immortal Chinese Classics Music (#9, 1995), even a copy of the Druids & Demons handbook. Well, a pamphlet anyway - seems like LP4 have their own authorized fantasy RPG now!

Wish I could have stayed for the show, but it was already late when I arrived, none of the 3 bands had started yet, and Linus was closing the bill. But the 7" is sweet: Linus adding yet another stylistic weapon to their arsenal, ST37 spacing out on a Helios Creed cover, multi-colored silk-screened covers, purple-plus splatter vinyl, and my very own copy now on YouTube!!

Side LP4

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