Sunday, September 20, 2009

Space Debris (#7, 2008)

Fly into the sky, you keep getting higher,
Be sure to watch out for Space Debris.

"Japanese Girl" from Elephant Moon (2008)

Swabia's finest, Space Debris, play a traditional organ-guitar-drum krautrock somewhere between Kosmische and Can. So much so, that their first two albums are named Krautrock-Sessions 1994-2001 (2004) and Kraut Lok (2005). Both are terrific. And then, last year's Elephant Moon was released as a 3xLP deluxe gatefold package (or 2xCD with bonus tracks!), which might be considered overkill. But by now, I think you've discovered that I can handle long instrumental jamming - and the organ adds a great element to the mix. Sometimes the songs are epic explorations, sometimes shorter jams - but as long as there's no vocals or 12-bar blooze, they're always super-spacey and "way out there."

Triple-LP Gatefold!!
The organ definitely allows things to take a more explicitly jazzy turn. I promise not to overuse "jazz" for any instrumental, multiple solo-ing, jamming music. This is primarily space-rock, no doubt about it. But I think it's warranted here - even if it's qualified as the early-'70s Miles-style, or more obviously the Ash Ra freak-out type, of rock-jazz.

Elephant Moon (2008) is the last with their original keyboardist, and I think a permanent bassist also joined for Live Ghosts (2009). The new guy sounds just fine, especially for a first record, replacing a critical member, live. I actually don't have the newest album yet, but this still seems like Space Debris to me:

The band's official site has interesting info, pictures, etc. For instance, I just learned that they did a few shows in Switzerland earlier this month. Cool! And it can point you to some (currently 8) free downloads - you 'pay' 0.00 Euros. So, check 'em out if you like any of the tagged genres. And here's a performance video, so you can witness the Teutonic glory...

Beware the Into The Sun dvd (2007, live at Burg-Herzberg Festival 2006), unless you have an international-capable player. It's not US format (NTSC).

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